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Raw Power P3 Paleo Pumpkin Protein Vanilla Flavor, 1.4 oz.


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Raw Power

P3: Paleo Plant-Based Protein – The World’s Best Vegan Protein Powder

Use it to Make Healthy, Delicious Protein Shakes and More!

Pumpkin Seed Protein is simply the best plant-based / Vegan protein currently available.

It’s Organic, Complete, Has a Great Taste Profile & Contains Numerous Additional Beneficial Nutrients.

Pumpkin Seeds have an excellent, balanced & complete amino acid profile that is by far the best of the plant-based proteins. Being that it is also classified as a Superfood, it also has numerous other beneficial nutrients including complex Fiber, Essential Fatty Acids, and lots of Phyto-Nutrients.

It’s taste profile is also better than any of the other plant-based protein options.

Of course, a Vegan protein powder is a great way to obtain more quality protein for those on a vegan diet.

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