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Backyard Farming Growing Vegetables & Herbs, Kim Pezza


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Kim Pezza
Down To Earth

A bountiful vegetable garden is a mainstay of the backyard farm; when done right, it can form the foundation for all your future farming successes. Whether you’re aiming at self-sufficiency or just looking to add the freshest ingredients possible to your own kitchen table, starting your own backyard vegetable garden is the best possible first step.

Growing Vegetables & Herbs is your guide to ensuring that your first garden is a success. Intended to serve as a comprehensive primer for first-time gardeners, detailed illustrations and informative photographs help to eliminate confusion and ease new homesteaders into the world of backyard farming.

Growing Vegetables & Herbs takes you from start to finish: from planning out your garden, to planting and nurturing, to enjoying your first home harvest.

Growing Vegetables & Herbs shows you:
- How to design the best gardening layout for your space
- The ins and outs of weeding, watering, and pest control to keep your garden fresh and healthy
- Ways to organize your plantings to take advantage of natural complements
- The equipment you will need to make your garden a success
- How to harvest your vegetables and prepare your garden for the coming winter