Coconaise Coconut Oil Mayonnaise, 15 oz.


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Oxidation is the problem. Other natural mayonnaises are rancid because they are made with unsaturated oils (like avocado, soybean, canola, or grapeseed). Rancid mayo tastes fishy, acrid and metallic.

Oxidized mayonnaise has awful rancid flavors, causes inflammation and is bad for your health. EDTA is a preservative in all conventional mayonnaises like Hellmanns and Dukes because it very effectively prevents rancidity. But discerning consumers of natural foods avoid EDTA. EDTA is banned by Whole Foods.

Coconaise is different. Coconaise solves the oxidation problem by using oils naturally resistant to oxidation, like coconut oil and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Coconaise has fresh flavor like homemade mayonnaise, without the EDTA.

Coconaise has no coconut flavor. It does not taste or smell like coconut.
Low Oxidation=Fresh Taste

Coconaise oil contains <5% omega-6 (avocado oil contains about 15% omega 6).

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