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Goodlight Unscented Votive Candle


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UPC: 680443012329

This classic utility candle is unscented and made from 100% palm wax, so you can breathe easy knowing you're not inhaling soot and fumes when these paraffin-free votives are burning on the restaurant table or in your church. As with all of our candles, the wick is pure cotton and contains no lead or metal of any kind. And like any other standard votive, ours is designed to melt and fill its holder with molten wax (make sure to use a holder just wide enough to fit the votive - ideally no more than 2 inches in diameter). When we started GoodLight, our mission was to encourage restaurants to replace their paraffin votives and cartridge lamps with this plant-based alternative. Please help spread the word and ask your favorite restaurant or your church to switch to GoodLight for cleaner air! You can let them know we offer bulk pricing discounts specifically for them. Clean candlelight is finally affordable.