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Herbal Answers Herbal Aloe Force Liquid with herbs added


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Herbal Aloe Force Liquid
with herbs added
33.8 oz
UPC: 639764102615

Herbal Aloe Force is Bio-Protectively Processed to be both directly and indirectly immune enhancing and to demonstrate all the properties the research has documented on fresh Aloe Vera including all the properties of its mucopolysaccharides (also known as beta-linked glucomannans).
Indirect Immune Enhancing Properties of Aloe Vera

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Herbal Aloe Force, 27th Apr 2015

Reviewer: Yvonne Doyle

I have been taking this product for two weeks. I can feel the benefit and have been relieved of many intestinal symptoms that I had. I will continue to use the product and recommended it to many of my friends and family.

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