Alaffia Handwoven Grass Shoulder Bag


Hand Woven
Shoulder Bag
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Handwoven Grass Shoulder Bag
Stylish and versatile shoulder bags are woven with high quality, wild-harvested grass, and are smaller, stylish and versatile. 100% biodegradable and compostable, this is the ultimate eco-friendly accessory.

Alaffia Fair Trade Grass Baskets are hand-woven in Central Togo from native, wild-harvested savanna grasses. Our baskets are beneficial to our communities in Africa as a source of income and, more importantly, a way of preserving our indigenous knowledge. These baskets are fair trade certified by GiFFT.

Our baskets also benefit your community. An estimated 500 billion to a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year, and Americans use one plastic bag per person per day. Our baskets are strong, reusable and biodegradable, and are a sustainable alternative to plastic shopping bags that are filling land-fills.

Purchasing our baskets helps us reach our goals of economic empowerment, gender equality and preserving indigenous knowledge.

FYI- Each bag is different the colors or designs vary.

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